Val Demings for U.S. Senate Raises Over $4.4 Million Ahead of Primary

Campaign more than doubles Rubio fundraising 

ORLANDO — Today, Val Demings for U.S. Senate reported raising over $4.4 million from July 1 through August 3, nearly topping Marco Rubio’s entire Q2 fundraising while more than doubling Rubio’s fundraising.

Ahead of the primaries, Chief Demings’ campaign has significantly outraised Marco Rubio for five consecutive quarters. In Q2, Demings’ campaign nearly tripled Rubio’s fundraising, and her campaign was on TV for a month before Rubio turned to the NRSC to bail him out.

“Our grassroots supporters are fired up and ready to hold Marco Rubio accountable for failing to show up for Florida’s communities,” said Demings’ campaign manager Zack Carroll. “Rubio has never faced a campaign with this kind of momentum, and it’s clear that voters know they have a choice between a 27-year law enforcement officer and a career politician who doesn’t show up for work. Together, we’re going to elect Chief Demings to the U.S. Senate in November.”

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