NEW POLLS: Florida Senate Race Virtually Tied, Demings Builds Momentum

ORLANDO — This week, two different polls were released showing an extremely tight race between Chief Val Demings and Marco Rubio.

This comes after three other recent polls showed Chief Demings either tied or leading Marco Rubio. The new polls continue to make it clear that the Florida Senate race will be one of the most competitive races of the cycle as Rubio’s campaign continues to falter and Demings seizes the momentum. 

“Chief Demings’ momentum is only growing as voters across the state hear her message and learn more about her story,” said Demings campaign press secretary Devon Cruz. “Marco Rubio has continually failed to deliver for Floridians, and it’s clear that voters would rather send a 27-year law enforcement officer than a career politician who doesn’t show up for work to the U.S. Senate in November.”

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