Chief Val Demings Slams Marco Rubio for Doubling Down on Florida Debt Bomb

ORLANDO — Today, former Orlando Police Chief and candidate for U.S. Senate Congresswoman Val Demings released the following statement slamming Marco Rubio for doubling down on his endorsement of the $1.1 billion debt bomb being dropped on Florida taxpayers, despite the devastating consequences for first responders and taxpayers:

“As the daughter of a maid and a janitor, I know exactly how devastating this state law may be for families working hard to put food on the table who are facing tax hikes and job losses. It’s disgraceful that Marco Rubio would support a law that would likely push over a billion dollars of debt onto working men and women just to score points from his party bosses. Floridians deserve a senator who will put the people above their political agenda. Marco Rubio just cannot fight for people who have to go to work everyday or for retired Floridians on fixed incomes. It is not who he is. I’m going to be that champion for working families in the United States Senate.”

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