Chief Val Demings Slams Marco Rubio For Voting Against Ukrainian Aid, VAWA Reauthorization

ORLANDO— Last night, Senator Marco Rubio voted against billions of dollars in aid for Ukraine and reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act, despite the bill’s support from both Republicans and Democrats. Chief Demings released the following statement slamming Rubio for his cowardly vote:

“I was proud of my vote to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act and stand strong with the people of Ukraine as they stand up to an authoritarian dictator and fight for their freedom. It’s shameful that Marco Rubio was too weak to support this critical legislation. Instead, he put his party bosses and the special interests first while voting to leave the men and women fighting Putin in Ukraine without the critical aid they need, and voting against funding for domestic violence shelters, housing services, and rape prevention programs. As a law enforcement officer, I never thought about the political party of the people I was sworn to protect and serve. I did the right thing. Marco Rubio needs to do the same.”

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