Val Demings Tours Port of Palm Beach

Val Demings Tours Port of Palm Beach

Demings delivered Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, investments that will support ports, help supply chains, and lower costs for families

Demings criticizes Rubio for opposing commonsense bipartisan investments in Florida ports and infrastructure

RIVIERA BEACH – This week, former Orlando Chief of Police and candidate for the U.S. Senate Val Demings traveled to Riviera Beach.

Chief Demings toured the Port of Palm Beach, and she pledged to continue to fight for funds for Florida’s ports flowing from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law in order to increase port capacity, strengthen supply chains, and reduce prices for Florida families and businesses.

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law that Chief Demings helped deliver includes over $17 billion to strengthen U.S. ports. Funding for specific ports has yet to be allotted.

Chief Val Demings said, “The Port of Palm Beach is a world-class facility that directly supports thousands of good Florida jobs and is a critical supply chain hub for South Florida and for much of the Caribbean. That’s why I’m so proud of the work we’ve done in Congress to deliver the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, which includes over $17 billion to expand port operations around the country, strengthen our supply chains, and ultimately lower prices for Florida families and businesses.

“But Florida’s senior senator voted against these commonsense investments in roads, bridges, ports, internet and so much more that is going to improve quality of life and create good Florida jobs.

“I’m running for the U.S. Senate because we need leadership in Washington who will put the interests of Floridians above their own partisan political career. We can make the American Dream more affordable and more accessible for every Floridian, but we need leaders who will fight to make it happen in the U.S. Senate.”


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