Val Demings Praises Senate for Action on Voting Rights Before Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Val Demings Praises Senate for Action on Voting Rights Before Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Demings: “It’s Shameful That Politicians Like Senator Rubio Would Use The Filibuster As A Partisan Weapon To Stall Progress On Protecting Basic Rights”

Demings Has Repeatedly Voted For Voting Rights Legislation In the U.S. House

ORLANDO — Today, former Orlando Police Chief and candidate for U.S. Senate Val Demings praised the Senate’s plan to move forward on voting rights legislation by January 17th:

“The right to vote is sacred and a cornerstone of our democracy, and I’m thrilled to see the Senate moving forward with voting rights legislation. I proudly voted in favor of this legislation in the U.S. House, and now it’s time for the U.S. Senate to do their job and take this important first step to protect the right of every American to participate in our government. Now more than ever, with our democracy under assault by insurrectionists and those who seek to suppress our voices, we must do everything within our power to protect the right to vote.

“If the choice is between the filibuster and democracy, I will always stand on the side of democracy. It’s shameful that politicians like Senator Rubio would use the filibuster as a partisan weapon to stall progress on protecting basic rights, and it’s time to bring that to an end.”


Demings previously cosponsored the For the People Act, which would help end the partisan assault on democracy by banning partisan gerrymandering, stemming dark money, and fighting voter suppression.

Demings also introduced the Every Vote Counts Act to protect every American’s right to safely and securely cast their vote.

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