Val Demings Tours “Florida Economic Treasure” at Jacksonville Port Authority

JACKSONVILLE – This month, Congresswoman Val Demings traveled to her hometown of Jacksonville for a day of public and community events as she builds momentum and support in her run for the United States Senate.

As part of her trip to Jacksonville, Congresswoman Demings toured JAXPORT with local labor leaders.

Congresswoman Demings helped secure funds to deepen and expand JAXPORT in 2018, and she pledged to continue to fight for more funds for Florida’s ports flowing from the bipartisan infrastructure bill in order to increase port capacity, end the backlog of goods, and reduce prices for Florida working families and small businesses.









Congresswoman Val Demings said, “JAXPORT is a Florida economic treasure that is responsible for over 138,000 jobs. That’s why I’m so proud of the work we’ve done in Congress to secure funds to deepen the port, a project that is underway and will create thousands of jobs, enable more cargo to dock, and ultimately allow more goods to be delivered efficiently, lowering prices for all of us.

“And the deepening project here at JAXPORT is just the beginning. Working with Democrats and Republicans, we passed a historic, bipartisan infrastructure package that will deliver tens of thousands of good jobs and tens of billions of dollars for Florida, including for ports like JAXPORT, Port Everglades, and the Port of Miami.

“I know the importance of these investments because my family and my community here in Jacksonville taught me the value of a dollar. But our current Senator has forgotten. He voted against this bipartisan infrastructure package. He voted against economic opportunity and relief. That’s why I’m in this race for U.S. Senate: because Floridians need commonsense, effective, tireless leadership, and Marco Rubio can’t deliver.”


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