Val Demings Stands With Pro-Democracy Movement in Cuba

ORLANDO — This year, a movement has gathered strength across Cuba to denounce the authoritarian Communist regime and demand economic opportunity, democratic governance, and respect for universal human rights. The protests are just the latest in a surge of pro-democracy demonstrations in Cuba, many of which have been met with violence and suppression by the Communist regime.

In response to the protests, former Orlando Police Chief Val Demings, candidate for United States Senate, released the following statement:

“The Cuban people deserve justice, and all across the Island, the people are standing up to demand it. I stand with them in their fight for democracy and respect for their fundamental human rights.

“Among the many heinous crimes committed by the Communist regime, the most recent violence against protesters cannot go unpunished. The United States must use the full force of our diplomatic and economic strength to hold the regime accountable, demand justice for victims, and support them in the fight for freedom and liberty.”


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