Statement from Val Demings Regarding Sham Elections in Nicaragua

ORLANDO — On Sunday, November 8, Nicaraguans headed to the polls to vote in an election that has been widely denounced as fraudulent and undemocratic. President Daniel Ortega has jailed his political opposition, attacked the free and independent press, and used authoritarian tactics to orchestrate this sham election. Yesterday, the country’s electoral authorities announced that Daniel Ortega received 75% of the votes.

In reaction to these disturbing and unacceptable developments, Val Demings, former Orlando Police Chief and candidate for United States Senate, released the following statement:

“Nicaraguans deserve better than the sham elections and failed governance of Daniel Ortega. President Ortega has launched an all-out assault on democracy, and this week’s election results are the culmination of his unacceptable attack on political opponents, the free and independent press, and dissent to his rule among the Nicaraguan people.

“Free and fair elections are the bedrock of any democracy. Under President Ortega, Nicaragua is on the dark path to become a full-fledged authoritarian regime.

“I stand with President Biden in his demand that President Ortega release political prisoners and take immediate steps to restore liberty, freedom, and democracy for the Nicaraguan people. Without immediate action by Ortega, the United States must use our entire diplomatic and economic power to punish the Ortega regime and encourage change in Nicaragua.”

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