ICYMI: Val Demings Holds Roundtable Discussion with Haitian Community Leaders in Miami

ICYMI: Val Demings Holds Roundtable Discussion with Haitian Community Leaders in Miami

Little Haiti, Miami – This weekend, Rep. Val Demings traveled to Miami where she hosted a roundtable with leaders of the Haitian community in Little Haiti.

Demings was joined by Haitian community leader Dr. Larry Pierre, Florida Representative Marie Paule Woodson, Dr. Jean Philippe Austin, and other leaders of the Haitian community.

State Representative Marie Woodson said, “Val Demings is fierce, and she’s been a longstanding champion of the Haitian community in Congress. Val shows up, and it is so important to welcome her to Little Haiti, hear her vision for a better Florida, and have her listen to the perspectives of Haitian leaders in Miami.

“Val understands the issues the Haitian community is facing. She grew up poor, the daughter of a maid and a janitor right here in Florida, and became the first person in her family to go to college, the first female police chief in Orlando, and ultimately a leading member of Congress. Val believes in the American Dream, because she’s living it, and her work in Congress has been all about creating opportunities with working families and ensuring every American can access the opportunities she has.”

Congresswoman Val Demings said, “The Haitian community here in Miami and all across Florida is absolutely central to our efforts to build an economy, an immigration system, and a country that provides opportunities for working people and treats everyone – regardless of class, creed, or immigration status – with dignity, humanity, and respect. That’s why I’ve been a dedicated advocate for the Haitian community in Congress, and it’s why I co-founded the Congressional Haiti Caucus to support political stability and economic development efforts in Haiti and in Haitian communities across Florida.

“While Marco Rubio has been more than willing to demonize immigrants at the border and take his corporate campaign checks to the bank while he sells out working Floridians, he’s done nothing to stop crime, improve public safety, and advance economic opportunity in communities like Little Haiti.

“I’m running for the U.S. Senate to represent all communities in Florida, and I’m on a mission to deliver results that actually help working families put food on the table, stay safe in their neighborhoods, and build a better future for themselves and their children.”

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